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I am a Catholic Deacon and a Professor of English at Oregon State University. I've created this BLOG as a way of sharing my Sunday homilies, for anyone who would like copies, as well as some of my poetry. I'm also very glad to continue the conversation, over email or in person. Just click on "profile" and then onto my email address. Peace be with you and the Lord be with you. Also visit me at my website.

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Pearly Everlasting (poem)

In the meadow above the sea
violets and yarrow and curly everlasting.

In 2005, Andy. In 2007, Mom. In 2009, Sue.

When you put Jesus on the cross
make him a woman you loved.

She has a long, beautiful neck
and fingers like a dancer.

When you put Jesus on the cross
make him your son on the eve of the game,
and he has long, lovely muscles
and lovely, white skin.

He looks up and says, it’s OK, it’s OK,
and he sounds like a boy and he sounds like a man.

Through the window
the mouth of the river
and the waves and the light.