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I am a Catholic Deacon and a Professor of English at Oregon State University. I've created this BLOG as a way of sharing my Sunday homilies, for anyone who would like copies, as well as some of my poetry. I'm also very glad to continue the conversation, over email or in person. Just click on "profile" and then onto my email address. Peace be with you and the Lord be with you. Also visit me at my website.

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Pearly Everlasting (homily)

Matthew 13:31-35

Our son and his wife are getting ready to move, and Barb and I have been taking care of our youngest grandson. He’s been sleeping over at our house and we’ve been spending a lot of time with him. He’s going to be 8 tomorrow: a really active little boy, great with puzzles.

Yesterday Barb and I took a break and spent the day on the coast, just the two of us. We saw two bald eagles. We learned about a coastal flower called “pearly everlasting.” Above the tidal pools at the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse we saw a mother whale and her calf surfacing, a dozen times, and also harbor seals and pelicans. It was bright and sunny in the afternoon, after a day of clouds.

About a week ago we drove up near Independence for our nephew’s wedding. We found the address and parked behind a barn. There were rows of chairs set out and flowers. So we sat down and waited. We didn’t expect to see my brother and his wife beforehand because they were part of the wedding. Then the music started and the bridal party started processing in and we were getting more and more confused, until finally the bride came down between the rows and we didn’t recognize her. It wasn’t her. We were at the wrong wedding.

The real wedding was across the highway in a garden—same address, just across the road. So we had to get up and leave and figure that out and get ourselves there, to the right place, just in time for the vows. We were trying not to laugh.

Afterwards I was sitting at a table in this beautiful garden with my two younger brothers, all of us in our fifties now, and everything just seemed fine, relaxed, good. OK.

The kingdom of heaven is like a tiny seed. It’s like the leaven in bread. It’s everywhere and all around us. The Lord is always talking to us, he never stops talking to us, calling us, being with us. He is with us always.